Sister Wives: Is This TLC Reality Show Even Legal?

Can you have four wives and get away with it?

Sister Wives gives viewers an inside look of a polygamist family that lives on the outskirts of Las Vegas. They used to live in Utah, but because of the anti-polygamy laws there, Kody Brown and his wives were forced to move outside of the state.

For almost 12 seasons now, Kody and his wives Robyn Meri, Janelle, Christine and have tried to live life as a normal family, despite the fact that society shuns their unconventional lifestyle. Kody has 18 children between his four wives.

But here’s the thing: the only legal marriage was between Kody and his first wife Meri, until their legal divorce in September 2014. (He legally married fourth wife Robyn in December 2014 in order to legally adopt her three children). The other marriages are considered spiritual unions.

Yes, this sounds like a very bizarre way to live your life, but we’re not here to judge. We just want to find some answers. While it’s without a doubt that a lot of people couldn’t imagine living with one husband and three additional wives, it’s Kody’s everyday reality. And somehow, he makes it work to his advantage, too (remember that great HBO drama named Big Love? Just think of it this way.)

So is this arrangement legal? That’s what a lot of Sister Wives fans want to know!

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