Is Sister Wives Star Robyn Brown Heading for Divorce?

I can be the first person to admit that living with my husband, our two kids, or dog, and even sometimes my mother-in-law isn’t always easy. In fact, sometimes all I want to do is go to the grocery store or shopping mall on my own just so I can spend a little time by myself. I mean, with everyone continually asking me to do things like tie their shoe, grab a yogurt out of the fridge or help them find that ONE missing sock each week, I just need a little time to breathe on my own if you know what I mean.

But could you imagine having to share your family with three other wives with one husband who is constantly being pulled in different directions? That just happens to be the case for Sister Wives star Kody Brown. And now there are new reports that suggest Kody’s wife Robyn Brown has had enough of their marriage and his shenanigans. At least according to her friend, Kendra Pollard. Here’s what she has to say.

Sister Wives
Credit: TLC

Is Robyn Brown getting a divorce?

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