Sipping Your Way to Beautiful

Sipping Your Way to Beautiful

Talk about multi-tasking. An easy path to healthy skin is the concept of “healthy skin from within.” Instead of working on the outside, beauty beverages target the inner causes of skin’s problems. Call it beauty from the inside out.

“Beauty from the inside out is nothing new,” so Scott Vincent Borba told me. This creator of BORBA, a popular line of nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals, touts the concept of “healthy skin from within” with precious treats (think gummy bears and jelly beans) packed with skin-saving nutrients. “Doctors and derms have started telling patients that, although genetics holds a big part of how your skin looks and how it performs on a daily basis, that’s only one component. Diet is also a key trigger on how your skin can look.”

And armed with the right choices, you can even combat those pesky “gifts” from mom…like acne, oily patches or dry flaky skin.

“By addressing the challenges from the inside, you stave off what genetics provided you,” says Borba. “You can stop issues from happening externally by controlling it from the inside. So when it reaches the last layer (the epidermis), your skin is beautiful and healthy.”

“We’re going back old school,” he continues. “People are trying to look for the miracle cream to do it and you can’t. You have to start from the inside, then whatever you put on topically will work better.”

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