There’s a Heartbreaking Reason No One Will Come to This Little Girl’s Sleepovers

My daughter is in the third grade and this has been the first year that she has been regularly going to sleepover parties. It first started with all-girl birthday sleepovers and then random sleepovers at friends’ houses. As a rule, I always make sure that I know the parents pretty well before my daughter can spend the night at their house. And while a lot of people have plenty of “what if’s” when it comes to allowing their children to spend a night at a non-family member’s house: I’ll say this: it all boils down to three things: trust, common sense and instinct. If I have a feeling that something isn’t right, I won’t allow my children to visit their friend’s house. But at the same time I can’t shelter my children by constantly keeping them inside a bubble. That will do them more harm than good for their future development.

But for this daddy and daughter duo, they seem to be dealing with the opposite problem. While she has no problems spending the night at her friends’ houses, no one wants to spend the night at her house.

Credit: Shutterstock/Dariia Pavlova

And the reason why has left her father absolutely infuriates.

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