‘Sing’ (2016) Movie Review: A Family Favorite

Sing is about a city wide talent show search with a grand prize of a 100 thousand dollars or so they thought! Buster, a koala, is trying his best to save his run-down theater from being taken away from the bank so he came up with an idea.

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Credit: Brooke
Credit: Brooke

The theater owner held a search for the best singer in hopes that it will draw in a big enough crowd to help save his theater. The competition came down to bossy mouse, mama pig, young girl elephant and a boy gorilla who are all trying to make a better life for themselves!

They sing, they dance, and all the while they learn about team work. This is a great kids and parent movie to see over the holidays!

My favorite contest was mama pig! Who will be your favorite?

Moms I give this movie a total: 5 out 5 Brookie Bows!

Brooke Juncaj

Brooke Juncaj (10) has always been a natural performer, her outgoing and charismatic personality make her a favorite on the red carpet! When she is not interviewing celebrities or backstage watching tv and movie screenings, Brooke loves traveling with her family, swimming, ballet, hiphop, jazz, and tap, she also loves playing soccer, and with her French Bulldog Riley.

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