Simple Ways to Create a Valentine’s Day Your Sweetheart & Kids Will Love

Simple Ways to Create a Valentine’s Day

Your Sweetheart & Kids Will Love

Valentine’s Day has definitely changed for me post baby-making. When once we were doing delightful and delicious Valentine’s excursions, each year with more sizzle and romance than the last, now we are squeezing this celebration of love in the middle of a busy week loaded with kid stuff and obligations.

Since baby was born, we’ve tweaked our Valentine’s Day festivities to include the little man so he can feel the gratitude and love we share as a family. What we’ve found is a holiday that is richer in spirit and deeper in meaning.

Here are my favorite ways to keep Valentine’s Day simple – spicy for daddy and sweet for kids.

1. Set the stage:  When we were kids, we would wake up to our kitchen table filled with candy and cards and red and pink balloons everywhere. It was such a loving treat to receive from our parents and started the day so sweetly. This is something you can do for everyone in the family.

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Jen Wittman

Jen Wittman is a Holistic Health Expert and Vitality Coach, specializing in thyroid and autoimmune disorders. She provides one-of-a-kind, long-lasting health, lifestyle and career overhauls through her services The Healthy Plate and Thyroid Loving Care. Jen brings extra helpings of joy and humor to the table and has degrees in culinary arts, psychology, transformational coaching, nutrition, and Italian. She’s worked with everyone – from celebrities, to power professionals CEOs of the home. Jen spent a year honing her cooking skills in Italy and is passionate about food, family, friends, laughter and helping people craft the life of their dreams.

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