Mom Charged After Walking Into Hospital Carrying ‘Obviously Deceased’ Toddler

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Some people really should not be allowed to be parent. And it breaks my heart for the people out there who really want to have a child but can’t. Those that are waiting to get pregnant or to adopt a kid who is going to be theirs forever. Not everyone is given the privilege to raise a kid and be so influential. and that’s heartbreaking. These stories of parents who just abuse or throw away their kids puts this into even more perspective. And many people will believe Sierra Johnson is one of those who should never have been given the gift that is a child. She didn’t deserve it, if the charges that are put against her turn out to be true. And now a little baby is dead.

According to police, a 20-year-old mother from Arkansas is facing criminal charges that stem from the death of her young daughter. Her boyfriend has also been charged and the details of the crime that police believe took place are heartbreaking.

When you become a parent, you make this unspoken promise that you will do everything you can to protect your child. Sometimes you’re not able to protect them from every hurt or pain. But something to the extent that police say this small 18-moth-old girl had to put up with, it feels like her mom really failed her.

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Devan McGuinness

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