Sienna Miller and Her Ex Are Giving Us All Co-Parenting Goals by Doing This One Thing

I shouldn’t probably admit this, but when my husband and I get into an argument, I get pretty emotional. And I’m sure I get emotional in the worst juvenile way, too. I clamp up, I refuse to speak, and I’ll most likely resort to going to the other side of the house in protest. Truth be told, I’m a difficult character to deal with (sorry hubs), and when the going gets rough, I tend to make things even rougher. Whenever I think about it, it’s stupid but obviously something I need to work on.

That’s why I give HUGE credit to couples who separate and divorce and still try to make things work for the sake of their children. I’m sure it’s not easy. Heck, no part of divorce is easy. But for two people who have managed to sort out their differences and act like adults for the sake of their children is really a beautiful thing. Take Sienna Miller for example. The Hollywood actress recently split with her ex-fiancé Tom Sturridge. But the two have committed to doing this one very simply thing for their 4-year-old Marlowe, regardless of what they’re doing or how difficult it is for the three of them to be in one place. You’ll be surprised to hear what it is.

Sienna Miller
Credit: Shutterstock/BAKOUNINE

Sienna and Tom are our new co-parenting goals

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