Young Siblings Reunite Three Weeks After Surviving Car Crash That Killed Their Parents And Sister

The siblings were pictured holding hands in the hospital

Weeks after surviving an accident that killed their parents and baby sister, Texas siblings Zachery and Angela Clemens reunited. In a photo recently released, the siblings are holding hands in their hospital bed. The siblings have been in the hospital since the crash in early April.


In addition to Zachary and Angela, there were two other surviving siblings, Nicholas and Wyatt. Nicholas is no longer in the hospital, he is being cared for by their grandmother. Wyatt is still being treated at Cook Children’s Medical Center. Their parents Jim and Karisa, and their two month old sister Juliana were killed when another driver hit their car. The family was returning from a family outing when the accident occurred.

Zachary was able to leave his bed for the first time to see his sister, according to family members. Local news outlet KTXS is reporting on the story. Zachery has a broken back. His will be the longest and most difficult road to recovery. According to aunt Teresa Burrell, “Their Grandma (they call her Ninny) and Aunt Sherri had a little ice cream party and have all the children be together in Zachery’s room. Because of his broken back Zach is in his bed most of the time. They sang silly songs and the boys were able to eat ice cream. For almost an hour they just spent time together.

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