Shut Up & Go To Sleep ~ Is Every Sleep-Deprived Parent’s Theme Song

My kids are 7 and 8 and go through stages of getting in and out of bed, they go straight to my husband and it drives him crazy!  Well, one other dad has reached his limit, so he did what every sleep-deprived dad would have done and wrote a song about it!

Reed Verdesoto has three daughters under the age of 5, where the lyrics came to him when he was going from bed to bed ~  “Shut Up and Dance With Me” parody — “Shut Up and Go to Sleep”

“No, don’t you dare get up, no you don’t have to pee.
She said I want a drink.
I said, shut up and go to sleep!
These kids will be the death of me.
I said, ohhh shut up and go to sleep!”

Be careful though, this is not meant to be sung to kids!



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