Should You Let Your Kids Wear Shorts In The Winter?

I remember when I was a kid, walking home from the bus stop after school with my coat wide open (if I chose to even put it on) and my mittens and hat that my mom forced me to wear to school tucked securely in my backpack. Now that I’m a mom I can completely understand my own mom’s frustration at me refusing to ‘dress for the weather’ and walking out of the house in freezing temperatures wearing only a hoodie. I understand this because I have 3 sons who want to wear shorts to school every single day even though it’s only 10 degrees outside!

Every morning my youngest son comes in my room, takes my phone and looks at the weather app. He then announces that it seems like it could be shorts weather, and I immediately look at him like he’s crazy because it’s literally 10 degrees outside. He then just shrugs his shoulders and continues to get dressed in shorts, as do his two older brothers. Sometimes, if it’s really cold, I can convince them to wear those Nike leggings under their shorts, but I think they’ve clued in that this is basically like wearing pants because normally they resist. I have convinced them to wear pants over their shorts just to get to school and then they can wear their shorts inside school all day, and that sometimes works. None of my sons have worn a coat this year either, insisting that hoodie is fine even though I’m convinced they’d be much more comfortable and warmer if they only wore the expensive winter jackets I bought for them all.

It seems I’m not with my shorts wearing sons either, as this article on shows that there are many other parents out there in the same boat as me. Alisa Schindler wrote about her struggle with the winter shorts situation saying ‘That’s right, no matter what the weather, my boys are in shorts. Yup, it’s a balmy 26 degrees this morning, definitely shorts weather.’


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