Should Pre-Schools Be Using Gender-Neutral Pronouns For Our Kids?


For children at the Egalia pre-school in Sweden, teachers are not allowed to use the words “he,” “she,” “boy,” or “girl” to describe one of their pupils. Instead, they use a gender-neutral pronoun that was first introduced in their country in 2014: hen.

The school’s mission is to treat gender as a trait that stands outside students’ actual character and, therefore, isn’t something that needs to be discussed at school.

“To be allowed to be as one wants without prejudice from other children or staff is paramount to us,” headmaster Lotta Rajalin tells Tech Insider. “We do not assume that children are a certain way based on their gender, age, origin, or way of dressing.”

In other words, kids are kids.

In fact, the trend seems to be growing, especially in a school district in Vancouver, Canada, that is now using gender-neutral pronouns like xe, xem and xyr.

“We want to give all children the same possibilities,” Rajalin added, “and not let their possibilities in life be confined by which sex, background, skin color, religion, or disability they have.”

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