Should Men And Women Pay The Same Price For Hair Cuts?

I have long hair that grows very quickly. I also colour my hair blonde (I’m a natural brunette) so I’m at the hair salon once every 6-7 weeks for a colour, which costs me a small fortune, but I’m worth it:)  Ever 2 or 3 visits I also get a trim because my hair needs it, which means on those visits my salon bill is higher than normal. I’ve always chalked up my higher salon bill to having long hair, but even women I know with short hair or even shorter hair than me are paying the same amount as I am for a service. And let’s not even talk about how much less men are charged for a hair cut!

One salon in Edmonton has decided to introduce gender neutral pricing at their salon in March, eliminating the men’s vs women’s cost of services. Instead, Adara Hair Salon owners Jennifer Storey and Rebecca Wollenberg tell Buzzfeed Canada that they’re changing their pricing structure to create equality in the salon.

“We believe in equality and that’s why we’ve chosen to do this.”

The women explain that the new pricing structure will be based on hair length, not gender. Therefore, if you have short hair you’ll be paying less than those with long hair. Makes total sense.

The salon has placed a notice on it’s front desk informing customers of the upcoming change, and they say the reaction has been positive.

“The reaction has been really good,” Storey said. “A lot of people like it, or say ‘it’s about time.’”


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