Should Kids Be Graded For Their Athletic Abilities In Gym Class?


While growing up, P.E. wasn’t a class that I necessarily loved, but I didn’t loathe it, either. While it was fun grouping into different teams and playing volleyball, basketball, and soccer, it was a care-free subject that I treated more like an easy A than something I worried too much about. There was never any homework, it was fun to get out of class for awhile, and it was a great time to socialize with my school friends, too. So why would anyone hate a subject that introduced you to various sports?

But for mom blogger Jacqueline Burt Cote of The Stir, she sees things differently, especially when it comes to her daughter, who is currently failing her gym class. Here’s what she writes:

Sure, I want them to be physically fit, but do I care how well they serve a volleyball? No, and I don’t think they should be forced to learn how, either.

The question of whether or not gym class should be mandatory — and whether or not kids should be graded on their performances — has been on my mind lately because my 14-year-old daughter scored an almost perfect GPA this semester (her first in high school!) … except for gym. This isn’t her fault, exactly — she had to miss a few classes for health reasons, and her teacher has been reluctant to give her credit even though we submitted the requisite doctor’s note — but the fact remains: She’s failing gym, and there’s apparently nothing I can do about it.

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