Should Children Be Allowed To Watch The New With Their Parents, Too?

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My children love to ask me questions. It’s because they know about President Obama, Donald Trump, ISIS, gun violence, and bombs on planes. It’s mostly because I always have NPR on while I’m taking them or picking them up from school and 75 percent of the time I either have Bloomberg or CBS News on the television just to give me a little background noise while I’m either cleaning the house or preparing dinner. Whereas I won’t let them watch R-rated movies or violent cartoons, I do expose them to the news during some part of the day, even if they are listening to it or not.

Now, they don’t sit down on the couch or actually watch the news of even fully pay attention to the radio, but they do pick out certain key words that they like to ask me about later. My daughter might only be 8-years-old but she’s already asked me why Donald Trump always looks like the color of a tangerine and how come ISIS killed so many people in Paris. I try to explain these things to her, even though I know my answers aren’t always correct. I mean, no one really has the answer as to why a 69-year-old businessman cakes the wrong color of powder on his face or the real reason why terrorism exists. But together, we’re learning and in our conversations I can see her beginning to form opinions while trying a little critical thinking on her end.

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