Should All Pregnant Women Be Tested For Smoking?

By now, I’m sure every person on this planet knows that smoking is bad for your health. With all the information, research, and studies it’s no secret that smoking sucks. And while smoking rates have gone down in recent years, there are still some people out there that just can’t kick the habit no matter what they do.

And while I do my best not to judge smokers (you never know what they might be going through unless you walk a mile in their shoes), if there’s one thing that gets me fired up it’s seeing pregnant women smoke. I mean, c’mon! Do what you want with your body and health, but you’re not even giving your child a fighting change by smoking while he or she is in the womb. That’s why some are proposing a new law to help discourage pregnant women from smoking.

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Should pregnant women be tested for smoking?

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