Shopkins Are The Hottest Tiny Toys On The Market: Are Your Kids Obsessed?


When my daughter was first introduced to Shopkins at a friend’s birthday party last summer, she became almost immediately obsessed. And by that, I meant that each time we make a trip to Target she BEGS me to buy her those little mystery shopping carts to add to her collection.

Now that we’re a few months into our Shopkins collection, she has quite a collection (thanks, Grandma) along with dozens of shopping carts, shopping lists and a fridge and a vending machine scattered on her bedroom floor. As a mom, I honestly don’t understand what the big deal is (they are tiny plastic toys), but she knows all of them by heart (and by season, too!): Netti Spaghetti, Taco Terrie, Fiona Fries, Macca Roon, Suzie Sundae and sooooo many more.

According to Racked, Shopkins are flying off the shelves at major retailers as both little boys and girls are buying and trading jars of jam, a sudsy shampoo bottle, a sparky rubber glove and so much more.

"It’s incredible to think Shopkins is only a year old," says Paul Solomon, co-CEO of Moose Toys. "It’s really taken the world by storm."

So, what’s the secret behind Shopkins’ success? Experts say it’s the collectability factor and the fact that it’s so darn cute, too.

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