Shopkins Just Announced a BIG Event and We Have All the Details!

My kids introduced me to the world of Shopkins back in 2015. When it comes to toys and collectibles, it’s usually the other way around, right? Traditionally parents take their children to their favorite department store to pick out the toys their parents usually suggest.

But with Shopkins, it’s a little bit different. My kids became hooked on the little collectibles after they started watching the brand’s short animation clips on YouTube. Little after that, I bought them their first Shopkins 6-pack of character and from therer, they were hooked. One Christmas I even found myself getting ready to click ‘check-out’ at 5am in the morning while my husband was waiting in line at our local Toys R Us in hopes off getting the Season 4 characters for our kids. Yes, our kids were that obsessed with Shopkins to the point where we were basically jumping through hoops trying to find them!

Hundreds of Shopkins later (and a few special collectables, might I add), my kids are still in love with their favorite toy brand. They also love going to special trading events to pick out characters that are so hard to find on shelves. And now their wildest Shopkins dreams will soon be true.

Credit: YouTube/Shopkins

We’ve got some very exciting news for Shopkins fans out there. You won’t want to miss out on this.

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