‘Shittens’ Now Exist So Changing Poopy Diapers Will Never Be The Same

'Cause poop is gross

There are so many products out there that say they make the lives of parents easier. It’s hard to see how that happens sometimes because there is so much out there. Instead of simplifying parenting it can seem overwhelming and you’re not sure where to spend your money. What do you really need? And baby care is really important because you have to take care of everything — including diapering. That means diapers, wipes, diaper cream, and there’s a new product out there called Shittens that might be one of those things that yes… you do need.

Wiping your baby after a diaper change has a lot more variables than you would realize. There are wipes and homemade wipes, there is sensitive and grippy. You can have warm wipes or cold wipes. Wipes that are square or ones that are longer. And it’s more complicated when you factor in what’s best for what type of thing you’re wiping up.

Every parent will tell you a story of a wiping gone wrong. Where you either didn’t have enough wipes for the task in front of you. Or the wipes failed and you ended up with the stuff on you that you were trying to clean off your baby.

Well, there’s a new product out there called Shittens and it sounds amazing and the one thing that you need for this problem.

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Devan McGuinness

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