Shimmer like Diane Kruger or Glitter like Jennifer Lopez

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      Women naturally gravitate toward shiny things, so come this fall, don’t suppress those innate desires to bedazzle because “BLING” is in. Regardless of whether it’s glitter, gems, gloss, sequins, metallic, or embroidery details…  Get ready to sparkle like your were born to SHINE.   Just think of classic beauties like Jennifer Aniston, Diane Kruger, and Taylor Swift who are most skilled in the art of sublte glam with their elegant shimmering dresses.
      But if you prefer more wattage, there’re always the Vavavoom stars like Beyonce, Kim Kardasian, and of course the Queen of Glitz — J.Lo, who love blinding us with their head-to-toe bling. Keep in mind however, that to avoid being mistaken for a woman who works the pole at nights, do stick to simple silhouettes.
      Finally, bling is no longer restricted to evening attire, you can now also wear it during the day with more casual items like flats, t-shirts and sunglasses. So go ahead, break out the glitz and get ready to BEDAZZLE like a super star!

To get YOUR hands on some gorgeous GLITZY style, be sure to check out the sparkling selection below!

From Left:

Vince Sequin Raglan Crop Top ($345), Haute Hippie Bias Sequins Skirt ($395), Parker Baby Sequin Wrap Dress ($223.30)

Grace Sun

Grace Sun is a designer not bound by any medium. Not only has she has worked successfully in print design for over a decade but her work also resulted some of Hollywood\'s hottest movie posters such as English Patient, I shot Andy Warhol, Men in Black, and many more. Foreshadowing the move towards digital media, Sun she moved onto web design. As the co-founder of Community Connect Inc., the company launched 3 social networking sites for ethnic communities; AsianAvenue, BlackPlanet, and MiGente.

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