SHE DID IT!!! Melissa Lawson wins Nashville Star

Taking the stage on Monday night, Melissa Lawson sang her new single “What if it all Goes Right?” after being crowned the new Nashville Star.

First, Melissa wants to say “Thank you!” to all those Hot Mom’s out there who voted for her. With her always smiling husband, Rick, at her side and her children watching, Melissa showed so many moms (and dads) out there that life doesn’t end with marriage and children. In fact, life is just beginning.

In our follow up interview last Friday, Melissa sounded excited and ready to face the challenge of becoming Nashville’s newest star. During the weekend, all three finalist were told where their lives would go from there. “The two who did not win, would go on one route and the winner would go another route.”

One of the big perks of becoming the newest Nashville Star is traveling to another country. This month, Melissa will head to Bejing, China, to perform.

Kind of an amazing journey for a mom who started the year seventy pounds heavier and of being no where close to a record deal.

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