Shaun Robinson A perfect world

Shaun Robinson a Perfect World

We all know we don’t live in a perfect world, but Shaun Robinson is trying to make it as perfect as she can.

On Friday August 6th Access Hollywood host Shaun Robinson, hosted the first annual event “I AM PERFECT – EXACTLY AS I AM” The informal brunch at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills celebrated a notable group of exceptional teenage girls, “I wanted to bring together a group of girls to experience a wonderfully inspiring day of beauty and empowerment – to help each one of them know how unique and special they are.” Says Robinson.

The day of beauty and empowerment included about  30 girls, some of them  from Girls Inc., a group of disadvantaged teenage girls from the Los Angeles area, who were treated to a once in a lifetime makeover by celebrity hair, make-up and fashion stylists. Robinson, is a member of Girls Inc, as well as the author of the book, “Exactly as I am” “I got the idea for this event after I did the empowerment video about a year ago, where you see how one girl who’s 16th years old was shocked because she had lip gloss on, and I asked her ‘Have you ever had someone do your make up before? She said no!’ Sometimes we take things for granted.” Says Robinson.

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