Share This! These Are The Stores That Are Going To Be Closed On Thanksgiving Day

The last time I shopped on Black Friday was back in 2012. Technically, it was on Thanksgiving Thursday and I hit up my local Target a few hours after having dinner with my family. Even though I scored a few good deals (including $5 pajamas for my kids and some other good doorbusters), it just seemed like any good deal that you can get during a clearance sale throughout the year. I wasn’t in the market for something huge like a television set and I wasn’t desperate to save a lot of money on toys, either. Looking back at it, my family really didn’t NEED the items I bought and I probably would have better enjoyed my evening at home with my family.

Fortunately, it seems like more people are wanting to stay home than to fight the crowds on Black Thursday and Friday. And that’s why there are more and more stores that have decided to keep their doors completely closed for the holiday to allow their employees to enjoy Thanksgiving with their loved ones. Here are just a few of the stores that will not be participating in Black Thursday:

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 8.43.22 PM

Tell us Hot Moms, do you plan on doing any shopping on Black Friday or are you going to stay home instead?

Source via CBS/Sacramento

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