Share This! Grandparents Who Babysit Are Less Likely To Develop Alzheimer’s

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Well this certainly is good news for grandparents, and great news for my wife and me, as we love love love spending time with our little peanut. (BTW, I’ve got plenty of pics here and here, and a new one here!) This research shows that grandparents who look after their grandchildren at least once a week are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s.

But yet according to, many grandpas and grandmas simply refuse to babysit because they can’t take the pressure that comes with the “high level of expectations” from their very own children. Here’s a little more from their perspective:

“No question, our kids expect much more from us that we ever did from our own parents,” says Florence Falk, a New York City psychotherapist and the grandmother of a 4-year-old girl. “Our grown children also seem to have a much greater sense of entitlement than we had.” Falk thinks this is because our relationships with them tend to be far more casual and open than they were with our parents. That’s the good news.

“But such a high level of expectation can put a real strain on grandparents,” she adds. “In my case, I have to remind myself 20 times a day that I’m the grandmother, not the babysitter. My goal is to help out as much as I possibly can, stopping short of the point where I start feeling resentful, completely drained, or out of touch with my own needs. There’s a fine line,” she says, “and it takes constant vigilance not to cross it.”

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