Share If You Agree: Black Friday Is Better At Home In Your Pajamas


On Wednesday evening I made the stupid mistake of going to my local Target and grocery store to get a few last-minute items for my Thanksgiving prepping. Unfortunately, I wasn’t the only one as the crowd was close to unbearable and the lines were massive!

That’s when I realized there was no way on Earth that I would even attempt a post-Thanksgiving Black Friday shopping trip. I mean, isn’t it easier to just cuddle up on the couch with your kids and your favorite blanket and do all of your shopping online while you’re still in your pajamas? Because that’s exactly what I did and that’s exactly what I plan on doing for the next 25 days before Christmas.

And it seems like I’m not the only one. According to NBC News, while Americans are still lining up for Black Friday sales, online sales are also surging through the roof. Here’s a little more:

Throngs of shoppers gave Thanksgiving thanks for sturdy shoes, hefty overcoats and warm tents as they lined up outside stores and journeyed to malls across America to make sure they got the best deals on annual Black Friday sales.

But retailers and analysts noticed a trend as Thursday wore on: Fewer shoppers were standing in line, and more were sitting at their computers.

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