Sexing Up Your V Day

Sexing Up Your V Day

While some people hate Valentine’s Day, I relish in it. I love nothing more than cute pink hearts, huge stuffed monkeys wearing boxer shorts and chocolate… lots and lots of chocolate. I start planning for V-Day months in advance. I plan out the gifts and the card (always handmade with love). I put a lot of thought and energy into this holiday because, while some claim it a commercial holiday, I find it the perfect day to shower your honey in lovey-dovey gushiness and not have to explain why you’ve draped yourself across your hubby’s lap.

After I’ve gotten everything in line for the gift and planned the menu for dinner and dessert, I plan out the most important part of the night, the part that involves no kids and a ton of naughtiness. While I firmly believe in an active and healthy sexual relationship, you should treat everyday like Valentine’s when it comes to sex, kids and work tend to get in the way of that thinking. Valentine’s Night is the perfect night to bring it all back to life.

Valentine’s Night needs not to be orgy-filled or anything drastic, unless you’re up for that, it can be romantic and intimate. I suggest you visit your favorite naughty boutique and stock up on a few essentials you’re husband or partner would sure to appreciate.

The Shopping List:

Lingerie- Think sheer, silky, scrappy, and tiny.

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