Sex After Baby – Is There Too Much Pressure?

Six weeks. That’s supposed to be the magical number, right? Six weeks after you have a baby you’re supposed to get the ‘all clear’ to start having sex again, like there’s some set amount of time for all women after they have their babies where their bodies are all healed up and they can get all ready to get busy again. Right.

Actress Eva Amurri Martino, who you might recognize more as Susan Sarandon’s daughter, is writing a blog over at and touched on the very touchy subject of sex after babies, and specifically that magical ‘six week mark’ and how she felt as her milestone doctor appointment approached.

“I will tell you that even having this appointment gave me anxiety.”

Eva is mom to 16 month old Marlowe and opens up about how she felt about sex after baby, and I think other women need to read about it.


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