Seth Rogen Didn’t Call His Mom for a Day, so She Called Him Out on Twitter

Seth Rogen is one of Hollywood’s funniest men, and clearly he inherited his sense of humor from his mama. We all feel in love with him and his humor when he came on the comedy movie scene with amazing movies like The 40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up, and as one of the voices in Monsters vs Aliens. I think because he seems so typical, normal, and like your everyday dude, it makes us love him and his humor more. And it turns out, when it comes to real-life, he’s not that different from us either.

The writer, actor and director’s funny mom, Sandy Rogen was recently trying to reach her son, but he wasn’t answering her phone calls. Clearly Seth doesn’t understand that you never, ever avoid your mother’s phone calls, because his mom then went very public trying to get a hold of her son.

Sandy Rogen
Credit: Twitter / @RogenSandy

Instead of sitting around getting madder and angrier by the second waiting for her son to call, she next-leveled the parenting strategy and went right where she thought he would hear her the most.

Social media.

Yes, she put her frustration out about her super famous son on her Twitter account where she knew the world would see. And the world did see. All it took was three words and he finally responded, and so did over 200,000 other people who saw her call to get her son to tell her what’s up.

She’s awesome!

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