Serena Williams Asked Her Followers For Their Opinion on ‘Push Presents’ and People Were Definitely Split

I know a lot of you have very strong opinions on the whole ‘push present’ situation, and I can’t wait to hear them all!

The ‘Push Present’ trend, or the act of a husband or partner gifting a woman with a special gift after she gives birth to a baby has certainly become more common these days. It’s also become more extravagant, which I personally don’t think is necessary but to each their own.

People tend to sit firmly on either the ‘love them’ side of the push present debate or the ‘the baby is the only present I need’ side. Personally, I’m all for push presents! I’ve carried four damn big kids in my uterus and you can best believe I was thrilled when I received a present from my husband even if my push presents weren’t nearly as extravagant as some have been these days.

Celebrities certainly know how to give lavish push presents too. Jay Cutler gifted wife Kristin Cavallari with a $10,000 Hermès Birkin for baby Camden.

Eric Johnson showered Jessica Simpson with gifts when baby Maxwell arrived. The former football player reportedly bought “a collection of platinum bracelets, a matching necklace with a ‘huge amethyst,’ and a band that will be engraved with their baby’s birth date” from a jeweler in Capri.

Serena Williams is the latest superstar to talk about push presents, asking her followers on social media their thoughts on the controversial gifts, and needless to say people had feelings about them!

Serena Williams posing in a Vogue photo shoot
Credit: Instagram / @serenawilliams

Are you for or against push presents?

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