Seattle Swan Song

Ok, I’m warning you now that this will probably be the “raviest” review I’ve ever given. Located next to a yoga studio by the same name, run by husband and wife and owners of both the studio and the fine dining establishment, Sutra is hands down, one of the most incredible places I have ever had the pleasure of dining at. This small, quaint restaurant is more then just a place to get fabulous, fresh vegan food, it’s an experience. With a concept like no other, Sutra is only open for dinner a few nights a week and additionally, only offers “seatings”. This meaning that you reserve spots for you and your dining partners and show up for the “show”. The pre-fixe, 5 course meal is one that you will be talking about for years to come. Not only is the menu only created for a 2 week stretch, never to be duplicated again, it is made fresh from the Sutra garden. Literally all plant based foods made from freshly plucked produce and herbs, with the occasional ingredient brought in from a  local organic farm, the meal starts off with a presentation by the chef. Explained dish by dish, as well as the logic behind the alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage pairings, dinner begins with the strike of a gong (very spiritual!). Since the location is small, you see the magic come alive with the open kitchen layout and it truly is divine. Each dish is more and more creative, beautiful and full of flavor. Edible flowers, unique combinations and warm friendly ambiance, a meal at Sutra is one you don’t want to end. I even cried it was so awesome! I was floored by the beauty of the food and the overall experience and I can’t wait to go back next time I’m in Seattle!

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Carolyn Scott

The Healthy Voyager, aka Carolyn Scott-Hamilton, is the Vegan Executive Producer, Creator, Host and Writer of The Healthy Voyager web series, site, and overall brand. A holistic nutritionist, plant based chef, best selling cookbook author, film making, screen writing, traveling, singing, dancing, fun-loving, healthy & green living wife, The Healthy Voyager aims to help people live well, one veggie at a time!

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