Sea World Is Phasing Out And Ending Its Killer Whale Shows

The documentary Blackfish really put SeaWorld under a microscope, the theme park filled with water and sea creatures is changing the way it presents it’s the famous Shamu killer whales ( which is why anyone possibly goes), the San Diego Union-Tribune is reporting. According to the article, SeaWorld will introduce a more “informative” orca show in a more natural setting in its San Diego park beginning in 2017. The company has yet to confirm the report but is presenting a new plan to boost attendance Monday.

The 2013 documentary Blackfish claimed and put in a lot of work to show that SeaWorld mistreated its orcas to the point where they were psychologically damaged and that damage led to the death of a trainer. The documentary sparked so much controversy that attendance declined, and profits have fallen by $10 million this year alone.

What do you think abou this? Would you go if Shamu is different?


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