Scrambled Eggs Almost Killed My Nine-Month Old!

I was thrust into the world of food allergies when scrambled eggs almost killed my fourth child.

As the mother of four, I thought I was pretty savvy when it came to feeding my kids. But that morning, when my littlest one’s face inflated like a red balloon, I realized how little I knew…and how much I had to learn.

I was totally oblivious to food allergies when my baby started to fuss that morning. I thought that she was tired and put her down for a nap. When I checked on her, her eyes were swollen shut. Still in complete oblivion, I turned to my older three and asked if they had put something in her face.

With their blank stares, I turned back to my baby and noticed that she was having difficulty breathing. Then I got scared. Really scared. The kind of scared that only a mom knows when she sees her child in danger. And I raced to the pediatrician’s office.

They told me “food allergies.” My daughter was having an allergic reaction to eggs.

What in the world did that mean?

Today, 1 out of every 15 kids under the age of three has a food allergy. That means that one out of every 8 moms has engaged in the vertical learning curve that I went through last spring.

I quickly learned that any food can cause an allergic reaction, but 90% of food allergies are caused by wheat, dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, shellfish and fish.

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