Scott Foley Tells Gross Story About His Son Pooping at the Dinner Table

I hate cleaning up poop. I’ll do it if I have to. If I’m changing a kid’s diaper or picking up after walking a friend or relative’s dog. But when I do it, especially when I’m cleaning up particularly pungent poop, in between gagging I think of nurses and caretakers who do this for a living. My mom is a retired nurse and she always said that while working on the hospital ward you might be cleaning up human waste one minute and munching on your lunchtime sandwich the next. She said you just got used to it.

The thought of doing that – switching from poop patrol to feeding my face – makes me especially want to gag. So when I read this story about Scott Foley and his youngest child, I thought it was particularly gross.

Scott Foley selfie
Credit: Instagram / @scottkfoley

How did Scott Foley say his family keeps things “fresh and exciting”?

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Marissa Charles

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