Science Says Women With More Kids Are ‘Less Beautiful’

Not cool, "researchers"

When it comes to family size, there is no one-family fits all definition of what the number is. For some, a large family means two or three kids. Other people may define a large family as having four or more kids. There is not really a solid definition on that. But one thing we can agree on is that when it comes to the decision to have more kids or not, it is no one’s business but the adults that are deciding.

Yes, that means no one wants to hear your opinion on if your hands look full or if you need education on how birth control works. It’s insensitive and rude and yep, no one has the right to comment on if your family is too big.

But, people like to stick their noses into other’s business. And scientists will basically study anything. That’s why I’m not exactly thrilled about this science survey that not only looks at family size… but a woman’s looks too.

Seriously, NOOOOPE!

A group of people decided to look at how many kids a woman has birthed and how that impacts her overall attractiveness late in life. The results were separated between women with 1-2 kids, some with 3-4, and then 5 and up.

And apparently, the more kids you have does do something to woman’s looks… at least according to these people. Here are the details — read them up and let us know if you’re feeling it.

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Devan McGuinness

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