Here’s What Scientists Have To Say About That “Yanny” And “Laurel” Recording

We're just as confused as you are.

    Yanny and Laurel, no, these aren’t the hot new baby names of 2018, they’re the source of frustration among the online community after a recording surfaced in which listeners are debating which of the two names they hear.

    Yanny and Laurel
    Credit: You Tube / AMD Vlogs

    Remember the blue dress/gold dress optical illusion debacle of 2015? Yeah, it’s like that, only for your ears. And it’s kind of driving people crazy. But before you get into a heated debate with your Facebook friends about whether it’s indeed Yanny or Laurel being spoken, allow science to weigh in to provide some rational food for thought on the matter.

    No, really, which is it — Yanny or Laurel or Yanny and Laurel?

Kelly Bryant

Kelly Bryant is a Los Angeles-based entertainment and lifestyle writer who has interviewed everyone from Ryan Gosling to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. As mom of two boys she can always be found with Hot Wheels cars in her purse but never the things she actually needs.

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