School Taking Kid’s Safety Too Far After Banning Common Kid Activity From the Playground

My 10 year old came home from school the other day to tell me that kids are no longer allowed to play football at recess anymore. And let me clarify, they weren’t playing tackle football, more like a bunch of 5th graders would go outside and throw a ball around and run around during their precious few minutes of time they actually get to go outside during the school day.

He came home and told me they were no longer allowed to play because a child was hit by a ball in the head and the school said it was too dangerous. My eyes almost rolled out of my head when he told me this, but as a parent I’ve become used to crazy rules like this at our schools.

One school in Northern Ontario is going one step further in banning ridiculous things during recess by actually banning children from doing cartwheels, because common sense is dead.

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Can You Believe This?

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