Mother Angry After School’s Robocall Keeps Mispronouncing Daughter’s Name as a Racial Slur

When you’re deep in the terrible twos of raising children, many parents count down the years to the time they can enroll their child into kindergarten. Having them in school does make some things easier and as kids get older, many of the struggles of early parenting becomes a part of the past.

Mom Blasts School After Boy Recorded by Students in Bathroom
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But, of course, there are parts of having kids in school that brings with it its own challenges. You have a new schedule to get used to, homework struggles like trying to fit it in and figuring out the work, too. You have to wonder about getting your kid to eat their healthy lunch, extracurricular, and keep your child’s attendance records up. It’s a lot.

Thankfully, the schools tend to be good at working with parents and students to help keep track of all those little things that add up. They also do good at checking in on students who are away, often using technology to keep parents informed if their child is absent.

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Often, that’s a good thing, but for one mom and student — the technology the school uses to help keep parents informed on their children’s absence is doing more harm than good.

And it’s angered the child’s mom, for good reason.

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