This Mom Is Frustrated Her School Doesn’t Send Home Lice Notifications

Should schools be informing parents?

The mere mention of the words “head lice” makes your head start to itch, doesn’t it?

Now, before we get into this, let me just drop this little disclaimer here: YES, getting lice is gross. It’s disgusting, it’s the worst and it’s definitely unwanted. I don’t think there’s a parent out there that welcomes it. Yet, it happens way more often than we would like to admit.

I’ve had to deal with lice only one time (knocking on wood frantically right now) after spending a weekend at a cabin resort where my then 4-year-old came home with more than just a weekend full of memories. I discovered the pesky little bugs when I checked in on my sleeping beauty and noticed him vigorously scratching his head in his sleep.

That quickly spread to his three siblings and I spent the next two weeks doing treatments and combing through hair and washing more laundry than I care to count.

Unfortunately, as much of a pain that lice is, it happens. A LOT. But at least it’s nice to know if it happens. I immediately called the resort we stayed at to inform them of the lice issue so they knew to be extra vigilant cleaning the linens, and promptly called and cancelled my kids hair cut appointments, which my stylist was ever grateful for. Apparently some people will still bring their kids and expect the stylist to comb out those gross little insects!

Almost every year I can remember we’ve received a note home from my kids’ school informing us that someone in the school has lice, allowing us to do daily checks and reinforce the ‘don’t share your hat’ rule.

But one mom is angry because her school doesn’t send home notifications and she’s been dealing with more than one lice outbreak she thinks could have been prevented.

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