School Fines Parents $370 For Their Kids’ Absences


If there’s one thing that I’ve been nailing as a parent, it’s a perfect attendance record. I’m THAT mom who will wait until we are two steps away from the school parking lot before making a last minute decision on whether or not my child’s low-grade fever wins him a ticket back home. That stuffy nose full of boogers? Here’s a box of Kleenex. That little cut on your arm? It’ll heal. Seriously, there’s no way my children are staying home unless they really are sick or if it’s a dire emergency.

Well, most of the time anyway. They did manage to coax grandma into believing that their tummy aches were the real thing while I was out of town last year.

But even if my children did stay home more often, could you imagine getting fined from the school board for their absences? Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Well, that’s exactly what happened to Karl and Faye Jones of South Wales when they decided to take their kids on their honeymoon with them. They came back with a $370 bill waiting for them in the mail.

Here’s the story:

Faye Jones, 29, and groom Karl, 32, were stunned to receive a £240 bill after travelling to the Canary Islands with their twin boys.

The couple informed school bosses about the holiday before jetting off with twins Mitchell and Joshua – who have a 96 per cent attendance record.

But the pair have now both been fined £60 for each child after their boys missed six days of school.

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