Students Respond After Pro-Diversity Posters Were Removed From School for Being ‘Anti-Trump’

The other day I was driving my kids to school in the morning when we passed what looked like construction workers building a new gas station. It was beginning to take shape with tall pillars and concrete walls. Before I can make out that it was going to be a gas station I said out loud, “I wonder what that’s going to be.” My 6-year-old son answered with, “Mommy, it’s Donald Trump’s wall.”

I was and wasn’t surprised with my son’s answer. After all, we have a pretty open policy when it comes to discussing a range of topics at home. During the President election they knew who all of the candidates were and yes, they were also aware of everyone’s political motives and agenda. Plus, their friends talk about it and often repeat what their own parents say at school.

But for one school, they are looking to curb any possible political chatter in their hallways. That’s why they’ve decided to pull down pro-diversity posters inside their school. Here’s why.

we the people posters
Credit: Instagram / @obeygiant

Is this the kind of message we want to send out to our kids?

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