New Report Finds More and More Students Are Going to School Hungry Everyday

A few years ago I struggled to get my child to eat breakfast before school. She was either too tired, wasn’t hungry or simply not interested in eating the food I prepared for her in the morning. It was a difficult period and I often got annoyed with her because I didn’t want to send her to school hungry. After all, she had a few good hours before lunch and as many parents know, kids who are hungry at school often have a difficult time concentrating in class.

With that being said, there’s a new report that says teachers are concerned over the increasing amount of students who go to school hungry everyday. And we’re not talking about a few kids here and there, instead the number is in the millions. Unfortunately though, the problem is getting worse, too. Here’s what we know.

hungry child
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Food Insecurity is on the rise in America

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