Say ‘I Love You’ in a New Way

Say ‘I Love You’ in a New Way

By Catherine Ryan f

“I love you” are powerful words. And you count on them to help sustain your relationship. When you and your partner are pulled in different directions — jobs, kids, friends, family, meetings — sometimes a quick “I love you” is all either of you can manage at the end of the day.

But it’s crucial to also show your love, says Beverly Palmer, professor emeritus of psychology at the University of California, Dominguez Hills. Actions reinforce the words, backing up your feelings and making your relationship stronger. “There’s evidence behind it — actions really do speak loader than words,” she says.

Showing love doesn’t require dramatic displays of affection. Nor does it take a lot of time or energy. These simple strategies send your message loud and clear:

1. Respond to a need.


“The best way of expressing love is by anticipating a need of your partner’s and fulfilling it,” says Palmer. This shows that you listen to him and that his well-being and happiness is important to you.

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