Sarah Jessica Parker Reflects On The ‘Deep, Burning Connection’ Between A Mother And A Son

Those of us blessed with sons know that there’s an undescribable connection that a mother and son have between each other. I am fortunate enough to have 3 sons, and while they’re loud and rough and smelly (oh, so smelly!!) I love them so much that it’s hard to put in to words.

Sarah Michelle Parker is mom to a son, James Wilke, as well as twin daughters. SJP recently reflected on her feelings as a mother to a son on her facebook page and the words will probably resonate with you completely if you have a son, and will also most likely make you tear up.




Sarah writes ‘Although my son is already a little grown-up i still remember how I was warned before having him that boys love their mamas — and I thank my friends for the fair warning. But what no one warned me about what the deep, burning, connection that I’d feel with my son. A connection that only him and I will ever understand. The connection that is only known between a mama and her boy.’

It’s so true! When I had my first son people all around me told me how boys love their mamas, and I was so happy for that. I didn’t realize how protective and responsible and passionate I would feel back.  I have a daughter too and I think I also have a deep, burning connection with her but it’s just different than with my boys.

What do you think all you Hot Moms of boys. Do you agree with SJP?


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