Sandra Bullock Shares How Her Family Is Going To Celebrate Christmas This Year

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As I’m sure you’ve already heard, Sandra Bullock announced that she has adopted a little girl named Laila into her little family of three (which also includes her adorable 5-year-old son Louis). In an exclusive interview with People Magazine, the Hollywood actress revealed how she plans on spending their first Christmas together as a family. She said:

I will spend Christmas trying to convince Bwoono Maws [Bruno Mars, Laila loves him] to be under the tree and to somehow get Darth Va-der and Hans Solo to be there as well. The most magical part will be watching Louis show a little girl who may never have had a Christmas before what it’s all about.

Awww! I love it. Doesn’t this make you love Sandra even more now?!?

Source via People Magazine

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