Sanctimommy With 2 Week Old Baby Is Tired Of Us Complaining About How Hard Parenting Is

Woman with her daughter sitting in a cafe

Woman with her daughter sitting in a cafe

Motherhood is kind of the great equalizer among us all, don’t you think? Regardless of your race, income, religion, sexual orientation or personal beliefs, motherhood is just plain hard, for all of us. You can walk through Target any day of the week and see another mom dealing with a toddler throwing a tantrum and know that you, too, have been there. Motherhood and parenting in general is something that we tend to understand more the longer we do it. I remember thinking I knew everything when I had my first child, because I’d read all the books and watched ‘A Baby Story’ religiously, so obviously I was an expert. The more children I had, and the longer I’ve been a parent just shows me what an obnoxious fool I was and that everything I thought then was complete and total garbage and that I really knew nothing.

It’s easy to watch new mom’s spout off lists of advice they’ve read in ‘What To Expect When You’re Expecting’ and smile at their perfectly organized diaper bag because we can all remember when we were that new mom, which is why this rant, posted to the Sanctimommy facebook page is going viral. Because it’s so absurd and hilarious that people can’t help but share it, and because we know that in just a few short years this mom’s tune will change a lot!

I’m going to rant for a minute…

It bothers me how much being a parent has turned into a martyr profession. Our children are not an excuse to be dirty or lazy and are not a parents scapegoat for whatever.

This is honestly how the post starts, so brace yourself. It actually gets even more ridiculous.

Being a parent doesn’t mean leaving food under the couch, and never showering.

Just so everyone knows, I haven’t showered yet today.

I’m only two weeks in but so far I’ve managed to get enough sleep, cook decent meals for my family, keep my apartment clean, spend some time with Jaime, and my newborn is happy, well fed, well loved, bathed and in clean clothes and diapers.

Have you stopped laughing yet?! You guys, she has a two week old and she HAS IT ALL FIGURED OUT!! I mean, two week olds only sleep for what, 20 hours a day?! Clearly everyone else is doing it wrong.
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