Samantha Harris

Samantha Harris host of E! News and Dancing with the Stars is as sweet and gracious as she is beautiful. Indulging our interview after a 12-hour workday and a much needed protein shake! And as with all of our correspondences and meetings with Samantha she was enthusiastic to chat. Samantha has good reason to be excited these days, a booming career, a doting husband and new baby to look forward to, and more immediately, her family and friends are coming into town this week for her baby shower and to help her register and shop for baby goodies. “My sister, Aimee, is a mom of two and she is so excited I will be joining the ranks!” Samantha grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where her mom and sister still live, “it is such a treat to have them come in, the toughest part of the pregnancy is having them so far away. My sister is set to come in for the birth and to help me afterwards for a few days.”

When I asked if she had a birth plan she said, “give me the epidural and tell me when to push, that’s my plan!” Samantha plans to work up until the birth, or for as long as she is able. “I love my job, working at E! and on Dancing, I don’t want to miss a minute!”

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