Are You Sabotaging Yourself at Work?

Are You Sabotaging Yourself at Work?

By Michele Meyer

Are you sabotaging yourself at work? Are you frustrated at work? Has it been ages since you received a promotion? Don’t be too quick to pin it on your company — you might be to blame! You could be sabotaging your career despite your best intentions. Look out for these five career killers — plus tips from pros on how to get a raise, get promoted and more.

Your Mistake: You don’t speak up at meetings because you don’t think your ideas are good enough — or you speak up too much!

Why It Backfires: People think you’re not contributing.

What to Do: Force yourself to speak up, says Kate L. Ward, career consultant and author of Personality Style at Work. “Tell yourself, ‘I know this topic and my contributions are as valuable as anyone else’s.’ Boost your confidence by preparing before meetings and wearing something that makes you feel good.”

On the other hand, putting in your two cents too often or too strongly can make you come off as a know-it-all. You run the risk of coworkers thinking you talk too much and aren’t worth taking seriously. To solve this, “force yourself to listen to others’ thoughts — and stop interrupting,” Ward says. Observe others’ reactions, too. “If they shift their attention elsewhere or hold up their hand when you talk, be quiet,” says Kathi Elster, executive coach and co-author with Katherine Crowley of the upcoming Mean Girls at Work.

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