This 6-Year-Old Makes $11 Million A Year Reviewing Toys On YouTube

Um, how do we get in on that?

Parents, if you have a child who is old enough to know how to use an iPad or a smartphone, chances are high that you know toy videos. They’re all over YouTube and show kids or sometimes adults unboxing new toys, talking about them, and that’s about it. There are some channels we come across our kid watching more than others. And there’s no doubt that Ryan ToysReview is one you’re very familiar with.

One of my kids especially loves to watch YouTube and Ryan ToysReview is one that is frequently in our house. And to be totally candid, I’ve found myself zoning into the videos long after my kid has left the room and it’s still on the TV. The videos are fun — seriously seems like this family of 5 has the best time and at the same time, they’re totally doing a great job selling the toys to my kids. They don’t physically sell them, but when my child sees what Ryan is playing with, he wants to get in on that fun, too.

It’s hard to know what videos like this make on YouTube. We all know they make some money, but I had no idea some of the biggest YouTube stars could bring in as much cash as they do. Including this 6-year-old toy reviewer and his family. 

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Devan McGuinness

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