‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Ryan Edwards Arrested

Not a good look

There is always some sort of drama happening in the MTV Teen Mom world. These families have seen their share of stuff happening. Between becoming parents at an early age and then all the relationship stuff that follows, there is so much going on that it’s hard to keep up with. There are Teen Mom cast members who have gone on to do great things with their lives. And others, like Ryan Edwards, who seem to be struggling quite a bit.

Ryan Edwards has been through a lot in his real life story line that we all learned about back when Teen Mom 2 started. He was expecting a baby with Maci Bookout, one of our personal favorite Teen Moms. She always seemed to have her stuff together. She wanted to build a future with Ryan Edwards, who she was engaged to at some point.

He always seemed pretty out of it. Didn’t care much, it felt, and the two eventually broke up.

Maci found her place and grew her life, her family, and her happiness. Ryan Edwards seemed to struggle along the way. In the last season of Teen Mom 2 it was revealed that Ryan Edwards was struggling with some substance abuse issues.

In a new relationship, his finance, at the time, did what she could to get him help. Maci, whom shares a child with Ryan, worried as well.

And Ryan Edwards went to rehab. All thought was good at that point… but nope.

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