Runaway Dog Is Reunited With Her Owner 500 days After Vanishing And Her Reaction Is Amazing

Aww, talk about a real Christmas miracle! I can definitely relate to the feeling as our family has lost our dog a few times in the past and let me tell you, each time we realized he was gone my heart always sunk to my stomach. It’s true when they say that our pets are just like our kids – we have to keep an eye on them all the time!

According to dog owner Maria, her eight-year-old Boston terrier Lily ran away from home almost 500 days ago, in July 2014. The desperate family had tried everything they could to find the tiny dog – and even offered a reward – but simply couldn’t find her.

Luckily for Maria and her family, a good Samaritan brought Lily into the Arizona Humane Society on Thursday. Check out the clip below for both Maria and Lily’s reactions once they are reunited as it will definitely give you all the feels! And now excuse me while I go give my own dog a huge hug that he definitely deserves.

Source via YouTube

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